The welding motion virtual trainer

WAVE NG is a virtual welding training tool designed to train or evaluate students' welding motion skills. Through a full range of exercises on the three main processes: MAG, MMA and TIG, the system allows the trainee to perfect his hand motion accuracy and concentration. It provides the instructors with an efficient support to follow-up and assess the student evolution.

WAVE NG is developed by Diginext and distributed by Mimbus


A new training approach

Focused on the professional motion, WAVE NG guides the student through the training. Whenever and from any computer, the instructor can analyse and adapt any student’s individual course on WAVE NG. Courses and results are stored either in the CLOUD or locally. It is up to you, such is also the training optimization.


The most efficient virtual trainer

Unlike its competitors, WAVE NG doesn’t provide a 3D helmet. That’s another reason why we are highly efficient. More user friendly, easier to setup and best suited to beginers. We also offer about 70% cost savings, when all the other products put an upper limit to 30%.


A global coverage of the welding techniques

WAVE NG is the only solution on the market to provide a realistic approach of the welding motion with all processes MIG, SAEE and TIG. This is made possible by using real tools (whereas our competitors only offer plastic tools) and by a realistic simulation of the welding rod consumption (SAEE and TIG). Feel free to compare and you will see : we are the only ones to offer such a comprehensive solution.

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